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Saxelby Radio Scholars: Program founder 

The goal of the program is to equip students with the skills to document the stories of their communities in their own voices. Saxelby Radio Scholars are trained in all aspects of creating radio stories. Students learn how to structure a story, use audio equipment, write a script, ask interview questions, contact officials, and conduct research.


Evolutionaries: Host & Producer

“Evolutionaries,” is a radio documentary series featuring the stories behind the stories of individuals who defied conventions and shaped our food landscape.

Tune in to hear from personalities who made their mark on our collective food culture, sharing experiences in their own words.

  • Eric Ripert recounts club nights at 6AM.
  • Steve Jenkins reminisces about secretly selling illegal cheeses.
  • Harold McGee recalls how the smell of his mother’s curry sauces clung to his clothes during the school day. “Evolutionaries” is your chance to hear these food visionaries unguarded and unchained from the conventional food media format.

The Farm Report: Host & Producer

The Farm Report is a weekly podcast exploring food production with a focus on scale and scope. The programs seeks to answer the questions:

  • How do we understand food production?
  • What are the units of measurements, the seasons, the language of production across industries?
  • How does food travel from field to plate and who controls that chain?

Through deep diving conversations the program serves to equip it's listeners to be thoughtful, informed, and discerning consumers.