Erin Fairbanks has been profiled in Food and Wine for her work changing America’s food system (June 2016). She was featured in the video project Mentor Minds which focused on thought leaders in food during the 2015 Expo at Milano. In 2014,  Brooklyn Magazine named Erin one of Brooklyn’s 50 most influential people in food and, in 2013, she was featured as “One to Watch” in the inaugural issue of Cherry Bombe Magazine. Most recently, in August 2016, Fairbanks spoke on “Sexism in the Kitchen” for Journee, a food and beverage industry education center.  


Erin Fairbanks is Broadcasting Food System Change, Live From Brooklyn by Nancy Matsumoto

Erin Fairbanks never expected to have a career in food, but a series of well-chosen food gigs helped her land a role at the top of the nation’s only all-food radio station.

As the executive director of the Brooklyn-based Heritage Radio Network, the 36-year-old oversees all programing and fundraising for the grassroots food media hub, which produces 32 live weekly programs on topics ranging from food policy and farm reports to gay food culture and craft cocktails.



Not far from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge - past the artisanal chocolate shops and organic grocers - is a gritty pizza restaurant, where the food is just as hyped as the diners. It's called "Roberta's," where young Brooklynites come to have a slice of pie.

If they want to watch a meaningful conversation, all they have to do is look through the glass. From an intimate studio in Bushwick, New York, 32 radio programs are streamed every week -- all of them about food, reports CBS News correspondent Vinita Nair.


At The Pass-Diversity

Whether you work in fine dining or quick service, the pass is an essential point of contact. The pass is where kitchen and dining room, cook and server, collaborate to make their ideas a reality. The final juncture before the rest of the world gets to experience what we’ve created..